Working methods and steps of vertical cold chamber die casting machine

The pressure chamber of the column-type cold chamber die casting machine is placed vertically, and the upper punch is located on the upper side of the pressure chamber, and the lower punch is located at the plugging nozzle nozzle to prevent molten metal from pouring into the pressure chamber and automatically inject into the nozzle hole. The opening and closing postures of the mold shell move horizontally, and after the mold is ejected, the casting is left in the back mold.

The working process of the column cold chamber china die casting machine is as follows:

(1) Close together mold shells;

(2) Pour molten metal into the press chamber by manpower or other methods;

(3) The upper punch sinks at a lower injection rate and enters the pressure chamber until it just touches the liquid metal level;

(4) The upper punch is pressed down at a higher injection rate, while the lower punch and the upper punch maintain a relative distance between the metal liquid in the middle and sink rapidly;

(5) Nowadays, when the lower punch sinks to give the nozzle nozzle, it is just placed at the bottom end to be supported; therefore, the upper and lower punches squeeze together to form the molten metal at a high speed toward the nozzle hole (the sprue Part) gushing;

(6) The molten metal is filled from the inner gate to the mold cavity according to the sprue composed of the nozzle, the sprue sleeve, the cone hole of the front mold and the diverter;

(7) Filling is completed, but the upper punch still maintains a certain working pressure until the molten metal in the cavity has completely condensed into a casting; the molten metal in the runner and the pressure chamber has condensed into a straight gate and a tail cake. ;

(8) The upper punch improves the calibration; in addition, the lower punch moves up to cut away the tail cake that is still connected to the straight gate;

(9) The lower punch is raised again, and the tailing cake is listed on the top of the press room wall, and then removed by manpower or other methods;

(10) The lower punch sinks and aligns to plug the nozzle nozzle;

(11) Open the mold shell, leave the die casting and the sprue on the back mold together, and then inject and remove the casting; once the tail cake is cut away, the mold ejection posture can be executed immediately, and it can be slightly slowed down to a moderate degree. It is not related to the posture of the lower punch for flat lifting and calibration; at this point, an aluminum die-casting cycle system is performed.



Minghe is a global, full-service manufacturer of precision die casting products.

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Minghe Die Casting Company

Minghe is a global, full-service manufacturer of precision die casting products.