What should be paid attention to when producing precision stamping parts

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3 min readSep 18, 2021

What matters should be paid attention to when precision micro stamping parts are produced as a kind of stamping parts?

1. When packing materials, waste and molds, please wear gloves to avoid scratching your hands.

2. When there is oil, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid slipping and falling.

3. Prevent the dragging mold from falling to the ground (you must put the flatbed cart to the lowest level to pull the mold).

4. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to connect to electricity and repair the machine.

5. It is strictly forbidden to blow the air gun at people, which may hurt the eyes.

6. Operators need to wear earplugs.

7. When the machine is found to be abnormal, turn off the power first and then find the technician on duty to deal with it in time.

8. The team leader must explain the safety operation rules to the new employees when they go to work on the first day, and learn the safety operation rules once a day in the first week.

9. When adjusting the machine, be sure to adjust the cnc machine to single-action, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the continuous discharge belt.

10. Do not store any flammable or explosive materials under the switch.

11. Operators are strictly prohibited from chasing and hitting in the workshop to avoid falling, knocking over the product or injuring themselves.

12. Carry out the equipment inspection in accordance with the inspection contents on the equipment check card, pay special attention to whether the guiding and braking devices of the punch press are operating normally, and the functions of single punching and continuous punching are distinct.

13. When installing the mold on a small punch (10T), first loosen the locking device of the guide rail, install the upper and lower molds, and then adjust the guide rail stroke until it meets the requirements and lock the fastening device. In addition, it must be hit when the high punch is placed on the mold Single stroke, after locking the upper mold, the lower mold is locked after hydraulic clamping, and then check again before production. ·

14. Special tools (pliers, hooks) must be used when discharging or manually feeding the blanks individually. It is strictly forbidden to send or take blanks by hand. Single switch will hurt your hands and double switch. The machine must not leak oil or it will fall off. Do not expose the power source, which is dangerous.

15. Wear gloves when punching iron sheets, and concentrate or hurt your hands.

16. During work, first check whether the equipment is running abnormally, such as unclear orders, continuous rushing, poor operation or electrical failure, immediately stop the machine and ask the technician on duty to deal with it.

17. It is strictly forbidden for the punch press to use the foot switch to remove all the original equipment.

18. When cleaning and inspecting the equipment, the power supply must be cut off.

19. Cut off the power to clean, scrub the work surface, remove the mold for maintenance, and put it in the warehouse to check the lubrication system oil at a certain time every week.



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