The technological process of precision metal processing

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2 min readSep 18, 2021

Order the steel material according to the production needs. After the steel material is ordered, the material will be opened. After the material is opened, the tolerance of the four sides will be tested. After the inspection, the small details such as the production of small accessories can be directly taken to the punch and then milled or CNC machining. deal with. In the processing of precision parts, metal processing occupies a large part.

What is precision metal processing? There are a variety of hardware products in our lives. For this type of product, it is mainly to use the degree of precision to see a technical content of this type of product. Therefore, this type of precision metal processing will be used in some electronic products. And watch and aviation industry.

Precision metal processing is a production process that requires very high precision of parts. In the process of processing and producing precision hardware, the precision must be strictly controlled to ensure that qualified hardware is obtained. So, what are the technological processes of precision hardware processing? The specific steps are as follows:

The first step: familiar with the drawings of processing equipment and hardware parts.

In order to be able to process the required precision hardware, you need to carefully check the hardware deep drawings before processing the precision hardware, and be familiar with the shape and size of the required precision hardware. In addition, you also need to be familiar with hardware production equipment.

The second step: cut the material according to the hardware parts to be processed.

Cutting and unloading refers to the selection of hardware materials of appropriate specifications according to the size and processing technology of the hardware to be processed.

The third step: processing precision hardware.

Processing precision hardware is to put the lowered materials into the processing equipment, and process the raw materials according to the size of the precision hardware.

Step 4: Surface treatment of hardware parts.

The surface treatment of hardware parts is to polish, polish, spray or electroplate the surface of the processed precision hardware.



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