Introduction of die casting machine manipulator and its drive system

There are many suitable places for manipulators in the foundry industry in China. For example, the main places in the foundry workshop are: core manipulators during molding, aluminum pouring manipulators, sand cleaning manipulators, and die-casting manipulators can reduce labor intensity and improve work. Efficiency and stable product quality. It has been welcomed by many die casting manufacturers. The following editor of Kangdao Technology will introduce the driving system of the die-casting manipulator.
The driving system is very common in the die-casting machine manipulator, and it plays an important role. There are usually three types of driving systems, so how to choose a suitable system?
The drive system can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric, and can be mixed according to their needs to obtain a composite drive system. The common rotary arm robots, vertical injection molding machine special robots and heel robots on the market are all pneumatically driven, and the general one-axis servo and two-axis servo robots are pneumatic and electric. Enterprises should select the appropriate drive system according to their own conditions and uses.

  1. Manipulator manufacturers for spot welding, arc welding and spraying operations require arbitrary point and trajectory control functions, and need to use a servo drive system, and a hydraulic drive or an electric drive system can meet the requirements.
  2. The material transportation is controlled by a program controlled robot with limited point position control. The heavy load is driven by hydraulic pressure, the electric drive system can be used for medium loads, and the pneumatic drive system can be used for light loads. Pneumatic drive systems are mostly used for stamping robots.
  3. Hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric drives each have their own applications, and only the ideas can be used to make the most of it:
    1. The pneumatic drive has the characteristics of fast speed, simple system structure, convenient maintenance and low price, and is suitable for small and medium load systems. It is difficult to realize servo control, and it is mostly used for program-controlled arms, and is often used in loading and unloading and punching arms.
  4. Electric drive. With the wide application of low inertia, DC servo motors and supporting servo drives, this kind of drive system is selected in large numbers and works in a wide range.
  5. The hydraulic drive has the characteristics of large power, large inertia, quick response, easy to achieve direct drive, etc., and is suitable for mechanical equipment die casting china in an explosion-proof environment with large carrying energy.

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