How to do the daily maintenance of die casting machine

Minghe Die Casting Company
1 min readApr 11, 2021

As the key production line equipment of aluminum die-casting company, the die-casting machine must be highly valued by management personnel for its maintenance. Appropriate maintenance and maintenance to reduce the equipment failure rate of equipment is the basis for reducing maintenance costs and improving the die casting company’s equipment utilization. Be sure to pay attention to the following matters when repairing machinery and equipment:

①Do not step on the sheet metal and slide rails with your feet.

②Do not use special tools to knock each part of the equipment at will.

③The parts, protective door and safety cover removed during equipment maintenance should be installed immediately in their original state.

④Turn off the switching power supply when repairing electrical equipment.

⑤When repairing and disassembling the heat exchange parts, the temperature should be reduced before actual operation.

⑥ The wire connectors of electrical equipment cannot be removed.

⑦ Make a record of the maintenance of machinery and die casting equipment to facilitate the removal and maintenance of common faults.



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